Our Team Sets The Standard Bar High

Female athlete jumping over high bar of excellence.

What does it take just to get on the team?
Open eyes, opens ears and an open mind. An interest in the intersection between electronics and hardware. Good communication skills, willingness to tackle complex situations (with the proper support and training) and a strong desire to learn. These qualities might get you an interview, but read on for our minimum requirements FOR ALL EMPLOYEES.

Here are some of the minimum requirements.
These items are our starting point:
Criminal back ground check down to the local level, pass a 10 panel drug screen, have a clean drivers license, get finger printed, sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), pass our interview. Technicians and installers agree to attend factory and industry training, agree to follow on-line self learning developed by Honeywell. After just one year, an installer will have about 2,000 hours of OTJT, about 40 of class room training and at least 20 hours of self paced on-line training. After 10 years, 20,000 hours of experience, about 500 hours of class room training and at least 200 hours of on-line training. Knowledge is power!