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Report From The ISC West Security Conference

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Well, I’m safely back from Las Vegas and the ISC West Show. Unlike the commercials, it doesn’t stay in Vegas, I’m gonna spill the beans!

Disclosure: It may bore you.

My life, being dedicated to family and electronic security; traveling alone to Las Vegas has left me with stories of meetings, product roll outs and a few pleasant surprises in the area of new technology. I played roulette and lost. I played Black Jack and won for once.

Before I left home for the annual Honeywell CSS Symposium and ISC West Show, I may have complained in several forums available to me that I had better see some NEW STUFF. Well I guess I really didn’t need to complain, for low and behold, I did in fact see some new stuff! Sure, there where lots of improved this and that, and even some things that haven’t seemed to have improved at all. Here’s a short run down:

First of all, like the ISC East show in NYC, the Chinese and Korean Governments both had sponsored large areas of floor space for their country men to show their wares. Nothing really innovated there, most vendor’s were looking for US distribution channels, offering off-shore manufacturing or showing existing but cheaper technology. I spent about 30 minutes in each area looking and speaking to a few vendor’s to ensure that I was seeing things correctly.

One problem with a trade show of this size is that it is easy to get side tracked by the dozens of small vendors who are offering neat new stuff. I tried to stay centered on the new products that Honeywell rolled out, as promised. After all, with technology moving so quickly, you need to focus only one product line, and in my opinion, Honeywell’s is the strongest and deepest.

I saw technologies that ranged from miniature CCTV cameras and DVRs (fits in your pocket, I bought some, look out) to rising gate barriers designed to stop 80,000 lbs trucks cold in their tracks. I also saw two different types of total body scanners that could see internal organs without the use of x-rays (can that really be good for you?).

My overall impression: Everything WAS smaller, everything DID have an Ethernet port, and MOST items seemed somewhat improved. It was good to see what the smaller companies (some just inventors with a great idea) were touting, as these are the products (the realistic ones at least) that the larger companies will be rolling into their product lines, complete with warranties and support that the smaller companies cannot provide.

My lasting impression: Blows away the ISC East show in NYC by far.