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Magazines For the Not Faint of Heart (Or What The Government Is Buying These Days)

If you enjoy reading the same trade magazines as the people who are bringing you George Orwell’s 1984, then “Government Technology” is for you. After reading an issue or two, you may feel like SkyNet is just about the corner, with Big Brother keeping an eye on things.

One thing that I really like about this journal, which borders on slightly paranoid, is that it refers to ‘Hackers’ as simply people and contractors with unique software, hardware, or system skills. They are neither good nor bad, much like electricians. But when that hacker or electrician step over a legal line (and there are many, but still the vast minority), they are no longer hackers or electricians, they are ‘Criminals’.

I have over 25 years in the electronic security industry, and my title is ‘Electronic Security System Technician‘. I am also a hacker of sorts. I could compromise security systems for exploitation. Then my title would also be ‘Criminal‘. There are state and federal laws that help to keep us in check, but it is really human ethics that are the greater deterrent.

What’s hard to keep in mind when reading some of this literature (page 46: GovGirl On Social: “How to support a maintainable government social media program”, then on page 8: “Saying No to Social in South Carolina for State Employees”) is that although some of the ideas presented may seem like they are far removed from reality, they are in fact THE reality, just not maybe yours.

The advertisements are my favorite part. Beautiful full page glossy ads of the finest software, systems and equipment ever devised, all asking to be purchased by the target audience of this magazine, government personnel involved in technology purchasing. I get the feeling that absolutely no expense is spared on these ads. Truly eye candy for high end technophiles!

If you would like to subscribe to this faintly surreal journal, try http://www.govtech.com, it is one of my favorites.

Please remember that the target audience of Government Technology are people who are really trying to protect you, our government, our troops, etc. The readers actually believe in “Better Living Through Technology” to ruin a borrowed motto.


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