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LED Lights That Can See You

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Recently I have come across articles in several security trade journals about replacing existing lighting  fixtures in public areas with special LED units that can provide light and surveillance. These are being  called ‘intelligent street lights’, but could also be called ‘intelligent office lights’ or ‘intelligent school lights’. They could be retrofitted anywhere older lights could be replaced with more efficient LED lighting. That is just about everywhere.

Having seen this information several times, which might indicate a new trend in a niche of the security industry, I thought I would bring it out into the light of day for the gratuitous information consumption pleasures of our readers.

This system is not just the pipe dream of some high tech start up looking for capital to it it off the drawing board. It is being installed today. The senors in the lights were designed by Sensity Systems. On its website the company explains: “LED’s aren’t new. Outdoor networks aren’t new. Networked sensors aren’t new. Big data and cloud computing aren’t new. Even the idea of adding networked devices to light poles has been tried before.” A pilot project of 171 lighting units is being installed at Newark’s Liberty National Airport near the ticketing counters to help spot criminal activity.

In a nut shell, the input of surveillance data plus the use of various types of analytical software will give the system user data about trends occurring in the covered area. I.e., car traffic occurring in an area not prone to such events might suggest that an accident has occurred. A fast response can then be dispatched.

Although little mention is made of the resolution of the embedded cameras, all of the literature suggests that ‘area’ coverage is important. However, I highly doubt that low resolution cameras are being used when mega-pixel technology is so inexpensive. There is no doubt in my mind that the analytical software will have, or does in fact already have, enhanced features like facial and behavioral recognition.

It will be interesting to see which kinds of institutions will opt for this type of security. I’m thinkings; jails, schools and street lights in every American city.